Sunday, 31 August 2014

Up very late today, NHS doctors and the future of the UK

31 August

It’s a good job we didn’t have any plans for today folks. Jan woke me and when I checked the time I couldn’t believe it; 11.20! That’s just crazy. As I said, it’s a good job we didn’t have any plans.

There’s a lot more going on in the case of the five year old boy that went missing. His parents have posted a video on YouTube, here’s a link if you want to see it …  This whole case seems to be one where UK doctors are bullying the lads’ parents because they had the temerity to question their treatment of the lad.

Now I’m not sure who to believe because of known problems with the way the media have in blowing everything up out of proportion. Even so, there have been many cases where doctors look to protecting themselves when a patient questions their treatment. It’s not just the financial side either is it? Oh no; their professional opinion is being questioned as well. And that is something they will not tolerate.

Somewhere along the line, someone is telling a lot of lies. If ever there were grounds for a public enquiry, this case has them all. The actions of the doctors concerned, the actions of the parents, of the police, and yet again of the media. The cost of all this faffing about must be huge; if anyone is found to be at fault here, no matter who it is, they should be sent the bill for the whole thing. Why should they get away with it? Why?

It won’t be long now to when the Scots decide if they want to be independent or not. There’s a lot anger over this issue and some of the yes campaign have been very vicious to their detractors. JK Rowling was slated for giving a £1 million donation to the no campaign. For years now Mr Salmon has been banging on about Scottish independence. I now have a feeling that all he’s really interested in is his own political future than a real desire for independence. If he get a yes vote, he’ll breath a big sigh of relief, just you watch.

Of course, the rest of the UK don’t have a say in this do we? One concern I have about it this; ‘What happens if it fails after a yes vote?’ We they come crawling back begging to be let in? If that happens then, we should all get a vote. I shall be on no vote team for that one! They chose their future, let them get on with it!

So then, let’s see what photo I have today … 

This is a shot of loch in the Highlands of Scotland. We had a camping holiday besides this loch years ago. It was a good holiday too.          

Today’s funny come via The Sage …

A woman goes into a Fishing n tackle shop to buy a rod and reel for her grandson's birthday. She doesn't know which one to get, so she just picks one and goes over to the counter. The salesman is standing there, wearing dark glasses. She asks, "Excuse me. Can you tell me anything about this rod and reel?"
"Madam, I'm completely blind; but if you'll drop it on the counter, I can tell you everything you need to know from the sound it makes." he replies.
She doesn't believe him but drops it on the counter anyway.
"That's a six-foot Shakespeare graphite rod with a Diawa reel and 10-lb..Test line. It's a good all around combination, and it's actually on sale this week for £44." said the salesman.
"That's amazing that you can tell all that, just by the sound of it dropping on the counter. I'll take it!" she said smiling. As she opens her purse, her credit card drops on the floor.
"Oh, that sounds like a Visa card," says the salesman.
As the lady bends down to pick up the card, she accidentally farts… At first she's really embarrassed, but then realises there is no way the blind salesman would tell exactly who had farted.
The man rings up the sale and says, "That'll be £57 please."
The woman is totally confused and asks,
"Didn't you tell me it was on sale for £44. How did you get £57?"
"Well the Duck Caller is a tenner, and the Fish Bait is three quid.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Crime, fear of crime and CCTV for comfort

30 August

Here I sat playing on me ‘puter when I had a visitor to our back door. She had come to ask if I had seen anyone at the drying area about 15’ from the door. Well, I hadn’t, just like the last time when someone smashed the gnome. This lady had hung some sheets out to dry and they had gone missing. Kath, the lady who lives in the flat below her had also had all her washing go missing. Now here’s how close the area is to our back door … 

As you can see it’s very close. But once I’m on here and got my head into doing something on line here, I’m not aware of anything going on outside.

We always have that door open so there’s a nice flow of fresh air into here. This is fine when we are both here but we are re-thinking the idea of leaving it open when Jan is out. That lappy you can see above is Jan’s and that’s where she sits in home. If I’m as unaware as I am normally on my ‘puter, then that lappy is all too easy to nick. Jan’s camera is usually sitting there beside her too. As it was, the washing hadn’t been nicked; no, another lady had taken it in when it started raining.

That made me feel somewhat better, but we still feel that if it’s that easy to remove things without me seeing them, then it’s far too easy for any valuables to go missing. As it is we have a CCTV system ready to be put up and we are going to do that this weekend. It might just scare people off, but if not, then we should have a record of who is about anyway.

We were lucky this time, nothing was taken so no crime committed. But the fear of crime is one of biggest problems that we face. On Wednesday evening I was speaking to a guy who lives across the street. He came over to speak to us as we arrived home. He told me that he had had £3500 worth of tools stolen out of his van. As a self-employed tradesman, his livelihood is not at risk. But even more of a worry for him is since then he isn’t sleeping very well. He’s up out of bed and looking out the window at every sound out on the street. That is not doing either him or his wife any good. See, it’s the fear of crime that hurts.

I can just about remember the tram service in Coventry; I do remember the lines that were in Bed’th though. New tram services are being installed all over the place. Last year when I was in Edinburgh I saw that there was one being installed there too, even though there is no need, or call for one. Princes Street was in a hell of mess because of it. But it was on this day that the first tram service was started in 1860. That service was started in Birkenhead.

And so time for a photo … 

A twisted tree in Holy Trinity church yard, Strafford. All I’ve done with this one is to convert to mono and boost the contrast a wee bit. I think it’s one of the best shots I’ve done for some time now.

Today’s funny …

Paul walks into the boss’s office. “Sir, let me get straight to the point, I know the economy is really down, but I have a couple of companies after me, and I would like to ask for a raise.” After a few minutes of haggling between them the boss finally agrees to a 10% raise, and Paul  gets up to leave happily.   “One minute”, says the boss to Paul , “which  companies are after you by the way?” “The gas company, cable company, and phone company”, Paul replied!       

Friday, 29 August 2014

Kile's gone to his nans, Blackpool calls and a problem with religion

29 August

We’ve had Kile since Monday, so we weren’t surprised today when he asked if he could go back home. Sam, his mum is at work this morning so he’s off to her mum for a night. We love having him but we also love the peace and quiet when he goes back home. He was happy last night when we went down to the Anker for a couple of hours, and even happier when Jan and him went for a couple of games of pool as well. He’s back to school on Tuesday so we would have taken him home tomorrow anyway.  

Mid October is coming up soon and I’m going off for a few days on my own; but where, is the question. Blackpool really is a dump these days, but you know what; I love it up there. The idea is that I do some birding on the way up there and then go off birding during the days; that leaves me with just the evenings to find something to keep me occupied. But you know what? I’m sure I can find something to keep me going for four nights.

Some time ago I mentioned on here just how dangerous a man Putin is. It looks like I was right to think that way. There is little anyone can do to bring him into line with the norms of civilised society, let alone the legal aspects of his current actions in the Ukraine. As I pointed out before, so much for the peace dividend.

Again the other major trouble spot is in Iraq with ISIS terrorising vast area of the country. This is I suppose, part for the fall out over the toppling of Sadam Hussein and it really should have been thought through better. But there again, I don’t suppose anyone could have foreseen the rise of such a violent group as ISIS. This not a war to extend and Islamic state, oh no. It’s simply a group of young thugs working on the orders of another thug using Islam as the reason to kill, rape and torture any one they like. Add in the chance to gain personal wealth and we begin to see where it all comes from.

Of course, Islam is not the only religion to be used as an excuse to gain power and money. Christianity has done so too. Muslims will point to the Crusades; Protestants will point to the Catholic Church and its inquisition. In more recent times we had the so-called ‘Troubles’ in Ulster. Top and bottom of it all, no matter where or when it happened is down to greed for power and treasure, either acquire them or to keep hold of what they currently have.

And so to today’s photo … 

Well, it has to be a church, so how about this one … Glastonbury parish church.

And today’s funny …

Suzie was all alone. It was two months since her dear Herbie had passed, and she just couldn’t seem to move on. “Listen here Suzie”, said her good friend Barbara, “maybe you should go see a psychic? One of my friends did it after her husband died and it made her feel so much better knowing that her dearest was happy.” So that’s how, on the next Tuesday, Suzie found herself in a dim room with a crystal ball and a psychic talking in a calm voice. “Is he here?” Suzie asked. “Yes, I sense him,” was her reply. “Can you ask him if he’s happy?” Suzie hesistanly asked. “He’s putting his hand to his mouth like he wants to smoke” said the psychic. “Oh, of course” said Suzie, “he needs a cigar. Herbie can never last more then a few hours without a cigar. I guess they don’t have cigars up there. Did he say where he is or how I could get one to him?” Questioned Suzie urgently. “Hmm”, said the psychic. “I can’t seem to get that question across to him. But then again,” said the psychic after a brief pause, “he didn’t say anything about needing a lighter!”