Saturday, 28 February 2015

Another cock-up, my car is being returned and the truth of things

27 February

Yesterday I cocked up yet again. I had far too much sugar in a very short time; and that on top of two pints of Tiger real ale. It’s no wonder I’m was feeling rough most of the night and still feel rough this morning. Today I shall boost my water intake by a lot in the hope of washing a good part of it, not that it’s likely to work like but it’s worth a go.

Earlier this week I phoned Motability and asked if I can return my Doblo early. We were hoping they would agree but were not expecting the ‘good condition’ bonus for doing so. Well, they did agree and they also said that I shall get my bonus of £250 as well as around a third of the advance payment of £299. We’re happy with that. They asked me to call the dealer and make arrangements for the car’s return, and I forgot. So I’ve just made the call and I’m expecting a call back later today to arrange it. I was hoping for Monday but Jan will be busy that day so I’ll see when I can arrange it.

And another nonce gets sent down. Paul Gad didn’t learn anything from two previous jail terms did he, well, his 17 year stretch this time might teach him the lessons he needs to learn. At 79 when he get’s out, he should be too old to play such silly games. Let’s hope eh. And yet it seems that once these people start along that dark path, they find it hard to get off it. It seems to be a drug with them, one that they don’t want to give up.

Young lives are damaged beyond belief and yet there are people who seem to want to crawl out of the woodwork to make excuses for the abusers. There can be no excuse for it. One of my novels, House of Pain, is about how a small group of abuse survivors gain their revenge on their abusers. I’m sorry but it’s out of print right now but I am working on bring it back. However, I’m asking, is such revenge ever right? I can certainly see why some survivors might want to do so. But can it be right for everyone? That is a hard question methinks.

Gad has the next 17 years to think about, if ever he does think about it; and yet he will be in the nonce wing of the prison. Perhaps these people should be in the general prison population? They would certainly learn the lesson a lot quicker in there rather than in the cossetted wing with like-minded men. I wonder what they talk about in there? Do they relive their abuse for their new acquaintances? If they do is it going to teach them any lessons accept how not to get caught?

Can I ask please, how often have you said that you are fine when someone asks how you are? I’m sure we all do it, no matter we feel. And when you ask it, how many actually tell you the truth? There’s a reason behind this.

Yesterday I went into town on my scooter for the first time in ages and I really enjoyed it. On the way home I called into the Anker, our local pub, again, for the first time in months. Sat there was an old guy, I say old cos he looks old; yet he’s the same age as me. Anyway … I asked him how he was; his reply surprised me, just one word, ‘Lonely!’ So once I got my pint I went and joined him and passed a pleasant hour with him. He was desperate for me to stay with him but I couldn’t, I really needed to get home at that time. But how pleasant it was to be told the truth by someone. How many decent people do we miss out on speaking to because of that little white lie I wonder?

There I was stood in the kitchen while the kettle boiled and outside I saw some catkins with the sun full on them from the left. Here’s the result …

And today’s funny …

A man walks out of a bar and sees a homeless man on the corner. And the homeless man says, “Sir, can you spare a buck?” The man thinks about the question for a bit and asks, “If I give you a buck, are you going to use it to buy a beer or vodka?” “No, he replies.” The man then asks, “If I give you a buck are you going to gamble it away?” “No, he replies.” So the man says, “Come with me and I’ll give you the buck.”  He takes the homeless man home and tells his wife , “See what happens to people who don’t drink or gamble?”

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Whitsleblowing, underage loans and better off not knowing

26 February

Whistleblowers! I wonder if I am the only who person who thinks this term is dismissive to people who raise concerns within their work situations. If we report a criminal offence to the police, we are tagged as being, ‘a grass’. Why is it that when people speak out against what is wrong in society, they get put down, shunned and derogated? Why are they seen as being a lower person than the one committing the offence? Why are they so hated? If anyone can answer these questions then they are on to sure fire winner in my view.

Here’s another one for you then; at what age is it acceptable to allow children to have credit, or loans? Years ago when I worked as a parcels delivery driver I visited a school just before lunch time. The school secretary was the one I had to see about signing for the package I had for then. Anyway, she didn’t see me straight away and carried on dealing with a group of kids who were all asking for a loan to pay for their school lunches. One child already owed for four lunches and was warned that there would be no more until the bill had been paid. So you can see why I ask the question at the top of this paragraph. Let me link it to my first paragraph …

I found out about that during my working day and felt at the time even though I thought it was wrong to actually give loads to these kids, I couldn’t say anything to anyone because of customer confidentiality. Now I wonder if I was correct to keep quiet, how many of those kids are now up to their necks in debt? Here’s another one …

Most of the items I delivered and collected for forwarding on were well wrapped up either in jiffy bags of covered in brown paper. That was fine because no-one would know what was in them. I wasn’t interested at all, even though I perhaps knew what the company made, as well as the company they were being sent to. Like the engineering firm in Hinckley who made bits for aircraft engines.
So one day I called in at one of my daily calls and was told that I was take very good care of one package, ‘ … because it has £10,000 worth of diamonds in it.’ I was shocked by that, not just because of what was claimed but because the guy had assumed that I was safe enough to be told. When I pointed that out to him he said something like, ‘We know you’re safe Ron. You’ve taken much higher priced goods than that one and they’ve not gone missing.’ The mind boggles at times, it really does.

Here on Jaronland right now, we are all over the place, again! Kile’s mum was taken into hospital on Tuesday with suspected meningitis. Thankfully it wasn’t and now she’s home and trying to rest, but with Kile and Billy, there’s little chance of that happening really. Her mum Lesley is staying with her and she is taking most of the stress out of things for Sam. Jan is over there now doing the afternoon school run. This weekend we are due to have to Kile anyway so that’s fine, and Billy will go to his nan’s for the weekend. And just to make that wee bit more of interest, now that Jan has got her new car, I have arranged for my car to be returned early seeing as it’s hardly being used right now. It’s no wonder we both feel stress one way or another eh?

Today’s photo then is … 

Another piece of Brum's public art.

And today’s funny …

Adam was about to be put to death for the his 1998 conviction. He climbs on the electric chair and is about to be shocked, when the chaplain asks, “Do you have any last requests?” Adam looks at him right in the eye and says, “I am so scared, all I ask of you is to hold my hand!”

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Steven King, food and lots more food

25 February

The other day I began reading Steven King’s The Shining and there in the introduction were more words of wisdom from the master. He wrote that now he had turned 60, he struggled to write 1800 words a day. I’m not sure how I feel about that you know. Should I see it as a relief that it’s normal for writers to slow down as they older; or should I worry that I’m showing my age when I do? Oh dear, yet another worry … … … But you know, I don’t care either way. I’ll go on in my own sweet way as I’ve always done.

The Spag-Bol went down well last night Jan says. It’s nice to know I haven’t lost that little touch at least. Later I shall find how my curry sauce touch is when I make myself one using a bit of pork we have left over. There’s a point; did you happen to see the Food Unwrapped telly show the other week? One of the presenters went off to speak to some scientific-type guys to ask if it is true that you can die from eating pink pork. She could have called me and I’d have told that it was truce. I didn’t know the details but all pigs carry a virus that is only killed by being heated to a certain temperature.

If it isn’t then the chance of food poisoning is greatly increased and in some cases, it will kill. There are two main illnesses that pink pork can cause, Firstly, there is Trichinosis, a parasitic form of ring worm. The second is Hepatitis C, which can lead to jaundice and liver failure. So if you’ve ever felt off from eating sausage at that summer barbi, now you know why eh. So what about me and my twice cooked pork then?

Firstly, I make very sure that when I roast pork, it is well cooked. My moto with pork is, ‘If there isn’t a little man sitting on top waving a white flag, put it back in!’ Actually, it’s not like that at all. It’s a case of using a carving fork and pushing it in to see if there is any blood running out as you pull it out. How do you gauge when to test it then? Well, I take the weight and give it 20 minutes per lb plus 20 minutes. That’s fine for larger joints and on a guide for smaller ones. With say a 2lb joint, try it at the one hour mark and then keep an eye on it after that.

As for twice cooked pork, well, I shall be making a strong curry sauce and then add the diced cooked pork. In the over it will go for at least 90 minutes, but probably more like 2 hours. It will be safe then. BUT … and left over will go in the bin. But knowing me and my greedy taste, there won’t be anything left over. Oh yes … that twice cooked thingy, it applies to everything! If it’s been cooked twice, it won’t be safe to reheat it again – ever!!!.

So, enough about saucy things … Today’s photo is … 

My lunch in a Coventry pub one time. That butty was far too much for me.

Today’s funny …

A reporter was reporting for a newspaper on a soccer team. One of the players looked old so he went over to him and said, “you know you might be the oldest man playing on a soccer team! How do you do it at this age?” The man replied “I drink 5 beers a day, smoke 2 packs of reds a day, and eat tons of chips.” “Wow, that is  incredible! How old did you say you are?” He looked at me and replied, “22 years old.”