Thursday, 12 January 2017

What would be just?

12 January

By heck it’s cold this morning! I’ve not been this cold first thing for a long time now. Thing is though, it’s likely to get even colder with snow forecast for later today – if the BEEB has got it correct for a change.

The licence forms are now with a GP for completing ready for sending off and we’ve put the right postage on the envelop too. Now it’s just a case of sitting back and waiting for the next load of forms to come back. At least we are not in such a rush to get it all sorted out now. At the speed they work at these days, it’s a good job we’re not in a rush I suppose.

What on earth caused that 15 year old girl to kill a seven year girl? If it wasn’t for her age we still wouldn’t be told who the older girl is, but I think at some time a judge will order her name released. It happened with Mary Bell and again with the Jamie Bulger killers. Later she will get new ID and will be set up well away from York in an attempt to try to protect her. It’s her family that I feel sorry for. I can’t see they would have any inclining that their girl was capable of such a crime. They must be worried sick now about what comes next.

As for the victim’s family, well, words could never express the horror of what they are going through right now. How could not have sympathy for them, along with the disgust that she has been taken from them so cruelly. I just hope that the killer is not from a friend’s family, that would be doubly cruel. For the wider community who know the little girl, school friends and so on, they too will be affected to some degree. Such a tragedy all round. What we need to see happening now, is the judge hearing the case will not treat it lightly. These days however, I don’t think that will happen. There’s been so many child killings over the years, public feeling has hardened quite a lot, even when the killer is a child too.

Regular readers of this blog will know that I do rage a good bit at the legal system for being too weak. I had hoped that the UK was on the only modern country where that is so, until I read this …   It was posted to Facebook by one of my many distant cousins over the pond there. Six months for Rape? Do come on now! That is pitiful. Even so, I have a feeling that he will know by now just how devastating rape can be, for both sexes.

Today’s photo …

An unusual clock.

Today’s funny …

 A youngster was looking at the family photo album and asked his mother, ''Who's the slim young man on the beach with you with lots of muscles and curly hair?''
''That's your father.''
''Then who's the old bald-headed fat man that lives with us now?

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