Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Odds n sods

3 January

Good morning folks; I’ve made a boo boo – I’m due to have a B12 injection today. I have an appointment card in my wallet telling me so, and that was the mistake. I thought it was actually already booked and the time was on the card. It wasn’t; all it had was ‘B12 due today’. Finally, I got through to the GPs at 8.35 this morning and they offered me an appointment at 10.20. At least I am can now relax over that one. I’m not looking forward to going out today though, it’s bloomin cold out there and although there is no frost on the ground, the weather forecast is for black ice and freezing temperatures.

As it was I waited for 10 minutes and then was in and out and done in around one minute. I wonder how much that cost?  

Police have shot and killed a guy in Yorkshire in what they claim was a pre-planned operation to arrest six men. Three were arrested at the same time one died and two more were arrested at an address in Bradford. The cops have said that it wasn’t an anti-terrorist operation but haven’t given any details, I suppose it will all come out later. But I do wonder why one guy decided he wouldn’t do as he was told when a number of guns were pointed at him by highly trained marksmen. I’m bloomin sure I would!

Yet again there calls for the railways to taken back into public ownership. After nearly 40 years of cash being poured into investors pockets, it’s past time it was stopped. British Rail wasn’t the most efficient rail system, but it was way better than the current farce we have now. Yes, there were delays, yes, the trains were old and dirty, but have things improved? Not much from what I see, apart from the fares going up through the roof. Rail and the water companies were two concerns that should never have been privatised. Both are huge and complex systems that don’t work very well when split into a lot of different companies. There’s no continuity services now, and certainly with the railways you can never be sure you have the correct ticket you need to travel on any particular service. It’s way past time to bring it back into public ownership.

Another British soldier has died in Iraq, but no details have been given, and yet I thought all our troops were withdrawn for there. Apparently we still have troops in Afghanistan too. If they were withdrawn, why have some been sent back? It makes no sense to me my friends, it really doesn’t, if the job was done and over with why go back?

OK, this will be a short one cos we are now off out to do some shopping, so today’s photo …

a python.

Today’s funny …

What do you get if you cross a automobile mechanic with an Egyptian mummy?
A toot and car man.

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