Sunday, 22 January 2017


Another bad day yesterday, hence no blog. Not much different this morning either but I have things to do today.

I wonder what has been happening over the last couple of days? I got fed up with wall to wall coverage of Farter. If nothing else, he knows how to create a fuss. Just a pity that his new job is a lot more than making a fuss. Apparently, there are islands that are ruled by animals. I knew about one off the coast of Brazil where humans are not allowed because of the number of snakes creeping around. Well, now the US is being run by the sleaziest snake of all time. As much as I would love to visit the place for a look around, I won’t be going while he’s in charge!

We have Kile with us again. After Thursday evening, he hasn’t been home since. It is his normal weekend to be with us anyway, but it’s a long way from home to school and making the trip twice in 12 hours was not really much fun at all. Tomorrow evening he has his young carers club in town; so, from school he walks back here, about a mile, Jan takes him carers and collects him. He will stay for Monday night, get up for school as normal and then head off back home as normal. Once he does get a place at Hartshill School, I wonder if he will miss coming here? It will happen at some time, sitting around with a pair of old codgers won’t compare with running around Hartshill Hayes country park chasing the girls, or not, depending on girls I suppose these days.   

Whatever, I have a feeling he will want to come back to us if I do get my driving licence back in the hope that we can go out for the day with us both driving. We had stopped going off because Jan found it too hard to do all the driving on a long trip. She did try to do it all but it was clear from the start that was finding hard. That was why we didn’t do any birding last year. I only had had one trip to London on the coach too, but that was before my operation and by heck I suffered for it the next few days. Not only that, but I didn’t get a lot of photography done either.

You know me and Facebook, right? Well, there’s a group on there called Creative Writing Support that I follow. The other day another user mentioned that she wished she was retired so she can spend more time writing. Opps … I am retired and I don’t spend all that much time writing anyway, so I said so – another opps methinks. However, considering we were not racing around the country birding or just out on day trips for the fun of it (not that birding isn’t fun of course), I had plenty of time to write. So why didn’t I get on and do more. One word my friends PROCASTINATION! A certain killer to all writing hopes and dreams. Quickly followed by another reason, too bloody lazy. I need to conquer both this year.

And yet isn’t not really that I didn’t do a lot of writing last year; I mean, I did get this bog done most days of the year, but even so, once that was done I was ready for a break. The inevitable followed, I didn’t get back to doing any more writing on my novels. Ideas came and were noted; mini-rants were also noted (I’ve always found it useful to get things out of my system by shouting about it on paper). And yet none, or very little has been turned into useful things for the novels, yes, novels, plural. I do have several on the go that I play about with at different times. See what I mean – PROCASTINATION again, do anything but getting on and doing what needs to be done.

Enough of that – today’s photo …

I’ve posted this one before, but I like it, Arnie nit-picking.

Today’s funny …

Did you hear about the kidnapping? He woke up.        

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