Friday, 27 January 2017

NO! It needs to be heard a lot more

27 January

Kids; I have a love/hate feeling about them. Even as a teenager I had no time for them at all. Even now my fear is being stuck in a small contained are with screaming little monster. And yet, it’s not really the kids fault, is it? In most cases the parents allow them to get away with pretty much what they want while at home, so when it comes to being told off or made to do something they don’t want, they kick up a fuss. It’s the adults who look silly to me, not the kids. At least our son knew what the word ‘no’ meant. When he heard it he knew that it did mean no, not in a short while. Tom still knows it too; that’s why he need something he asks for Jan, well, he used to now he lives in Ulster he can’t shout for help any more.

We know of one couple who would never correct their daughter and never refused her anything. They are paying the price now though. None of her brothers and sisters will have her anywhere near them, and certainly not near their own kids. She creates chaos in and around her where ever she goes, happily married couples have almost come to separate because of her. Not so long ago she caused a lot of hassle in and around Jan. At Jan had the support of her friends from church to turn to when they were around, and of course, I stood by her when she told me what was going on.

I am sure that she is just one of many people who are like that. I’m beginning to wonder if old Farter Trump is one you know. On face the face if it, US politics changes from president to president. However, the US civil service and the clinging lobbyists, never changes, just as happens here. At some time he will upset them enough for them to say, ‘No, you can’t do that.’ That is when the world will be most in danger. And that is when we will all need to fear what the man does next. Hopefully, there will be enough strong men around to keep him calm and under control.

The current situation reminds me somewhat of a Stephen King story, The Dead Zone, where a man comes out of a coma and has the power to see the future when he has physical contact with someone. Wrapped up in it is a charismatic politian running for the White House, and gets it. He then starts throwing nukes about. Coma-man sees this before he shakes the Politian’s hand. He works to stops him from getting the job, but dies in the attempt. WWIII averted. Let’s hope there’s someone around to stop Farter at some point. Today Tottering Terry May will meet him. Not much salvation there folks, talk about the blind leading the blind … By heck, how did we end up in such a state as this.

On a brighter note, I shall be going off into town in wee while for ride around. It’s cold out there and rain is forecast for later, but I’m looking forward to getting out and about for a few hours. A call into Smudges will be useful, and of course there’s the works to visit too. And I’m sure I can find a pub for nice sit and read while slurping a diet coke.

Today’s photo is another from QE hospital …

Two great looking motorbikes, a Triumph and Harley ...

Today’s funny …

What do you use when a tree gets a puncture?
A lumberjack.

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