Friday, 20 January 2017

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20 January

We’re up early this morning to be with Kile for when he goes off school, he’s already left and I should think he’s got there by now. Jan tried to get to the bottom of his free meals school meals last night, and I’m still confused. If he has free meals, then why does he take cash to school too? Not only that, why does he have to have a sandwich before they will let him buy anything else? Hopefully Jan will get to the bottom of it when she goes off to spend the day with his mum in a wee while. Whatever, Jan has made him a chicken batch this morning, at least we know he like that! Oh yes, I nearly forgot; we received a text message to say that he was coming here after school today to get ready for an after-school kick-boxing class. Now we have through to Tuesday.

With Jan out for most of the day, I shall be getting on doing some writing. My pen is full, my paper pile is sat here waiting; all I need to do now is to get done on here so I make a start. What I haven’t decided on yet is when to start typing up Arathusia, but I think I have learned something at least. Currently I’m using an A4 pad for the hand writing; it’s a large fairly heavy to lug about. So many other writers use A5 notebooks, a lot easier to carry around ready for use. Maybe I should try that too seeing the large number of them I have here, most of which Dave left. That is for the future though, right now I need to get on and get finished here.

Wednesday I commented about Doug Paully and his win in the courts over a disability issue and suggested it is a much wider issue than the UK bus industry. The airline industry has come under fire too. EasyJet has been fined by a French court for refusing to allow a disabled passenger to board one of their flights, and not for the first time either. Their reason for the refusal was security issues and the disabled man travelling alone. £51K this last time and they are considering appealing against it. Jan and I are fortunate in that we don’t use air travel all that often, but when we do, our disabilities mean we can’t have access to the seats with the extra room. The reason is that the emergency exits are there and must be kept clear. We accept that as being reasonable and don’t make a fuss. As I said the other day, it’s that 10 letter word again …

Australia is now having to deal with a nutcase – err, no, I’d better change that, a mentally ill  driver with a history of violence has deliberately driven at a crowd of pedestrians and killed three of them. So, the UK is not the only place where such people are allowed to roam freely in public. How many other places do likewise and when will they learn that care in the community doesn’t work. Perhaps the body count will never reach a high enough figure for that. To admit a mistake is hardest thing any politian can do. To do so will allow questions to be asked over other issues they are responsible for. And it is the politicos who make those policy decisions, not the health-care professionals.           

Farter’s big day today my friends, and I’m sick of it already. The news will be full of it today and for the next week too. How on earth did he manage to win an election? I don’t know if he had help from outside to get there, but I doubt he could do it on his own. Ye gods … I shudder to think what he will do to the US economy and the effects it will have on the world economy. The real-world skulldugeries in Washington must be rubbing their hands with joy at the prospect of an easy target and the huge amount of dollars that will come their way.

Whatever … today’s photo …

We still have this little beauty.

Today’s funny …

A little girl asked her father if all fairy tales begin with "Once upon a time?"
He replied, "No, some begin with 'If I am elected.”

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